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Holiday Gift Ideas Using DASS Transfer Film: Super Sauce Transfer to Wood


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Making handmade gifts for your loved ones can be a fun and rewarding process. Receiving a unique and personalized item can feel amazing and really add to a gift recipient’s holiday cheer. This tutorial is part of a DIY holiday gift idea series where we teach you different methods of using Inkjet Prints on DASS Transfer Film. Today, we will show how to perform the super sauce transfer, which is best if you are at an intermediate level in image transferring. If you are a beginner, don’t feel discouraged. This tutorial has everything you need but it may require some practice tries before you can get it just right! If you are looking for something easier, we recommend trying the alcohol transfer.

Preparing the Images for Transfer: Images must be printed to DASS Transfer Film using an Inkjet Printer. Through our company, Kirkpatrick & Co. Specialty Printing, we can print your images to this film for you. Order your print today.

If you have your own inkjet printer, make sure that you flip your image horizontally before printing. If you don’t, your image will be flipped the wrong way when you transfer it. Also be sure that the ink is printing on the rough/textured side of the DASS Transfer Film. 

Think about how you want your images to be presented. Will it be a wood ornament? They have wood slices pre-drilled with holes on Amazon which would be perfect for this! You could even make a wood block that hangs on the wall. 

Super Sauce Transfer to Wood (Intermediate Skill Level)

Materials Needed:

mason jar
super sauce (super sauce concentrate & 91% isopropyl alcohol)
foam brush
Inkjet print on DASS Transfer Film

image of the ingredients listed above.

To make super sauce, mix the following two ingredients in a mason jar. Let the jar sit for at least 6 hours, periodically shaking the jar vigorously during that time. Please note that you should never add any water to this mixture or your brushes. It can cause severe damage to plumbing and will render your brushes unusable. 

1 TBS Matte Super Sauce Concentrate
4 oz 91% isopropyl alcohol (must be 91%)

Transfer Directions

Apply the super sauce mixture to your wood surface. Using a brush, apply the super sauce mix evenly to the surface. If there is too much, the image will run and if there is too little, the image won’t transfer. I suggest doing some practice transfers so that you get a feel for how the transfer works. 

Once you have applied enough super sauce, you can line your transfer film up above the surface, print side down. Once you are happy with the alignment, you can place it down onto the surface.

Lightly press the film down to ensure that the image is making full contact with the super sauce. After 2-3 minutes, slowly begin to pull the film up by one corner. You will be able to tell if the image is sticking. If not, press it back down and give it a little more time. Once it is ready, the film will be able to be pulled away, leaving the image transferred to the surface below. 

At this point, let your transfer dry for 24 hours before spraying it with a protective finish. We recommend using Krylon Crystal Clear spray.

This is the end of the second tutorial in our holiday gift idea series. Our next tutorial will teach you how to complete the super sauce transfer on a 4 x 4 inch tile. Consider signing up to get notified when it is out! You can also see all of the posts from this series here.

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