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Transferring Your Images to Metal Surfaces with SuperSauce

Inkjet Prints Transferred to Aluminum

Here you will find the steps needed to complete the Super Sauce Transfer Method to a metal surface. This tutorial will show how to transfer an image to an aluminum sheet metal which is a non-porous surface.

Creating the Transfer Solution: The Super Sauce mixture will need to be made using the following directions.

Ingredients: 4 oz 91% isopropyl alcohol (must be 91%)
1 TBS supersauce gloss concentrate

Mix these two ingredients in a mason jar. Let the jar sit for at least 6 hours, periodically shaking the jar vigorously during that time.

Preparing the Images for Transfer: Images must be printed to DASS Transfer Film using an Inkjet Printer. Through our company, Kirkpatrick & Co. Specialty Printing, we can print your images to this film for you. Order your print today.

If you are printing the image yourself, It is important to be sure that the image is flipped horizontally before it is printed because once the image is transferred, it will flip back. This is especially important when text is involved.

A good metal to start with will be the one shown below.

Performing the Image Transfer:

Step 1: Rub the metal gently with a scrubby pad and spray the surface with degreaser.

Step 2: After leaving the degreaser set for a minute, rinse it off in the sink and dry it with a paper towel.

For Step 3 (Please note this is only really needed when using the Gloss concentrate and non porous surfaces; example: metal). I use a 1:1 ratio mixture of the Supersauce Concentrate and water. So for example take one table spoon of the SuperSauce Concentrate (WITHOUT THE ALCOHOL mixed in) and take one table spoon of water and mix them together. You will apply this to your surface with a brush and let it dry. Then you can continue on to the next step.

Step 4: Tape the surface to the table below and then tape the film with the print side down to the table, ensuring that the print is lined up properly to the surface.

Step 5: Using a brush, apply the super sauce mix evenly to the surface. If there is too much, the image will run and if there is too little, the image won’t transfer. It’s a good idea to do a practice transfer first. Kirkpatrick & Co. Specialty Printing can print test prints for you to practice with. Email us for a quote! Do not wash off the brush in a sink. The Super Sauce mixed with water will cause issues with the plumbing. Instead, put the brush in a cup filled with isopropyl alcohol and cover it with plastic wrap so that the brush can be kept for future use. After letting the super sauce sit for 1 minute, move on to step 6.

Step 6: Flip the film down so that the image is print side down on the surface. press lightly to ensure that the film is making contact with the entire piece. After 3 minutes, move on to step 7.

Step 7: begin to lightly pull up on the bottom corner of the film. If the image has stuck to the surface, continue to remove the film carefully. if it hasn’t transferred, put the film back down and press lightly. Repeat this process until the entire image has transferred to the surface. This step should take about 2 minutes.

Step 8: Once the image has been transferred, it takes two days for it to dry and cure. Once two days have passed, spray the piece with crystal clear fixative. For this, we highly recommend using Krylon Crystal Clear spray.