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A Note from the Founder of Kirkpatrick & Co. Specialty Printing:

Making Alternative Printing Services Available to Artists

As an artist who frequently used alternative printing methods, I was constantly frustrated that I couldn’t find a print shop that could print the products I needed. I transfer inkjet images from Premium DASS Transfer Film onto surfaces like wood, metal, and a variety of other substrates. If I did happen to find a print shop that had the capability to print onto this film, they didn’t quite understand why or what it was needed for. I thought to myself, “If only I could find someone who understood my needs as an artist!” My solution to this was to purchase my own inkjet printer and provide the services for myself. I was able to purchase the proper equipment when I was awarded a grant! Now, I want to offer the services that I wish had been offered to me. Currently, I can print images on up to 8.5 x 11 inch paper. I do not offer sizes larger than this at this time. My pricing is fair and affordable. You can complete this form if you would like to receive a quote! I look forward to providing you with top quality fine art transfer film prints!

Kerry Kirkpatrick
Founder of Kirkpatrick & Co. Specialty Printing

P.S. I invite you to take part in our community on Instagram. Share your work with us. We want to see what you create!